Monday, 10 November 2008

Two Days To Go - pre-trip preparation information.

The advance party set off today and are hopefully arriving about now in Jordan. They will be joined by the main group, mostly leaving from Heathrow on Wednesday, together with several others travelling from various locations around the world. Hopefully the airport formalities will go without a hitch this year, and it will be really good if the equipment sails through at both ends. Last year the metal detectors and other technical equipment were held by the authorities at Alia Airport in Amman overnight, which was both a logistical pain and meant that the group had a disjointed start to proceedings, as two members remained in Amman to accompany the kit the next day.

As we arrive at our hotel very early on Thursday morning that day is scheduled for fairly light activities, with briefings and acclimatisation visits scheduled for the afternoon. The work proper begins on Friday and daily reports from the desert will appear on this blog from then. Please do have a look at last year's blog and the GWAG/GARP websites via the links on the right to get a feel for the project.


Fizz said...

Good luck guys! I hope you all have a great time. Wish I could be with you... Fizz

Anonymous said...

Ill be following your blog and have added an RSS feed to our website so others can follow your progress too.
Good luck with the dig.

Gary Brun

Bill said...

Good luck indeed, you blokes! I wish your American contingent from last year was with you too. Maybe next year. Looking forward to great pictures and great results.