Tuesday, 25 November 2008

Day 13 – All quiet on the Eastern Front

After two weeks in the desert, the team was withdrawn from the line for well deserved leave, taken in Aqaba and Wadi Rum.

Building on the great successes of the two previous seasons, the 2008 fieldwork has confirmed the extraordinary extent and intensity of the Ottoman military response to the Arab insurgence. But, in addition, we are now seeing details and nuances which until now have escaped us. A mass of micro debris representing the Ottoman occupation – everything from grape-pips to shoulder pips, has been recovered this season, giving us unparalleled insight into everyday life the Ottoman army. In the landscape we have seen bread ovens, latrines and mule feeding troughs. All in all, a fantastic season.

Some pictures of the work, (and play) of the GARP group this season.

All is not over yet. We intend to flesh out some parts of this blog with further information and images over the coming weeks. And there is of course all of the vital follow-up work which begins in earnest once we get home. And then there is next year - already most of us are thinking about it and can't wait to return.


Anthea said...

Thanks for the blog this year - it's been very interesting and well-illustrated. It's not difficult to imagine why you are looking forward to your return.

Anonymous said...

Yes, most interesting ... almost as though TEL was going to appear around the next corner ....

Steve Flora